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    Written by Administrator   
    Monday, 11 March 2013 16:01

    The First Project Progress Report of DiCoMa was submitted on 14th September, 2012. The status of project tasks in the first half of 2012 is contained in this report.

    The kick-off meeting of the project that was held in Girona in December 2011 with representatives of all countries attending the meeting. In this meeting, the work plan was reviewed and the leaders for the different work packages were officially appointed. As far as this reporting period is concerned, the objectives for the period have been satisfactorily met.

    The Spanish subconsortium work was evaluated by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism of Spain in March 2012. The results are still pending, but they should be published by October 2012. There has not been any evaluation yet of the Israeli subconsortium work as they started the project on the first of May 2012. In Finland, each partner will prepare periodic reports to the national authority, Tekes. The first report will be submitted in December 2012. Regarding the Turkish subconsortium, reports and technical documents are going to be sent to the national authorities at the beginning of October 2012 and probably the evaluation will take place in November or December of this year.

    With respect to the overall consortium structure, a first change request for the project was issued in February 2012. The main changes were the following:

    -The German, French, Belgian and Greek subconsortiums did not obtain funding for the project and decided to leave the consortium.

    -In Spain, the company Creativ IT and the research institute IDEG are no longer part of the consortium.
    -In Israel, the company RUNCOM decided to withdraw from the project. 
    -In Turkey, the company C2Tech decided to withdraw from the project.
    -Netcad joined the project.
    -In Finland, the following companies decided to withdraw from the project: Goodmill Systems, Special Code and Sunit.

    Once the consortium overall composition was totally definitive, the PCA was signed by all project partners.


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