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  • The first project review of DiCoMa was celebrated in Madrid PDF Print E-mail
    Written by Administrator   
    Tuesday, 12 March 2013 17:51

    On the 19th February, the project review of the DiCoMa was celebrated in Madrid, Spain. All the consortium members participated in the review. To present the result achieved by each consortium member has been The main objective of this review.
    The important topics presented are the following:
              -A general overview of DiCoMa.
              -All work packages (WP1,WP2,WP3,WP4,WP5) have been reviewed.

    -General overview of the demostration.
    -The activities carried out and future activities planned have been presented.
    -The dissemination actions, with the Overview of activities carried out and progress with reference to the current FPP, in addition of the future activities planned have been presented.

    The most important results achieved by the consortium members have been:

    -Different scenarios were investigated in the crisis domain, identifying and describing requirements for Control and Decision Support Systems.
    -The System Architecture was elaborated focusing on the ability to process massive amounts of information in real-time from different and heterogeneous data sources (Motores CEP) - Significant research has been conducted on techniques and technologies for collecting, storing and processing disaster data.

    In general, the opinion of ITEA attenders about review are quite good. Some of these are:
              -Excellent preparation of review

    -Excellent project management.
    -Good technology development project: complex task tackled with relevant approaches.
    -Challenge is to ensure the actual end-users will be ready to use the platform.
    -Some roadblocks must be addressed: trust,compliance with needs, guarantee of service,operator (cognitive and stress) charge,personalization to handle different needs.

    -Real potential impact, however still requesting more closer links with end-users.

     Review DICOMA 

    Last Updated on Wednesday, 13 March 2013 11:07